Our services

We receive from our agents the bookings request by: telephone, email, mobile texting or personally. Then we provide immediately the existing solutions, both air freights (days, timetables, airports, freight mode, and international contacts), rates and solutions of agreements to be signed. Afterwards it is the issuance of documentation, which is duly analyzed, prepared and sent the cargo by air freight, informing the handling of: air freight company, transits and final destination. In order to secure the highest accuracy of the service, we discussed and checked all internally.
The freight cargo is duly followed up through the companies’ systems with which we work with and web, as to provide all the information the client may ask.


Daily flight on Boeing 767.


Trucking freight departures from Lisbon or Oporto to Madrid or Barcelona, shipping in Wide-body aircraft directly to Mexico.

Beijing Capital Airlines

Direct departures 3 times a week from Lisbon to Beijing in A330 aircrafts.


Direct departures twice a week from Lisbon to the Canary Islands.


Departures to several international destinations, namely risk and/or military areas.